About us


Fundamedios has worked in Latin America, based Ecuador, since 2007.  It has become one of the main organizations for the  monitoring, promotion and defense of freedom of expression and freedom of the press and to support to independent journalism in the region.

In 2015, after facing government threats to shut down the organization, Fundamedios established in the United States, under the laws of the State of Massachusetts.  In 2017, facing the global challenges of press freedom, the organization decided to start operations in Washington D.C., with the main objective of monitoring attacks against journalists and the Spanish -language media in the United States.

Fundamedios will also promote regional projects in Latin America and the Caribbean to support the press and independent journalists in the face of challenges as defenders of democracy and human rights.

Our mission and vision

  • To promote and protect freedoms of expression, press and association, as well as access to public information and independent journalism.
  • A society with greater awareness of respect for the rights and freedoms of citizens, where no attempt is made to silence people who think different.

Working areas

  • Press freedom monitoring in Latin America and USA.
  • Media development.
  • Support of independent media and Journalists in Latin America and the USA.
  • Content production.
  • Training for Journalists.